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Essence of Success
Discover Earl Nightingale's legendary problem solving program.
by Earl Nightingale

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Essence of Success

20 Audiocassettes in Ten Separate Volumes of Two Tapes 
With a Beautiful Display Case
Price - $179.95 

20 Compact Discs in Ten Separate Volumes of Two 
Compact Discs With a Beautiful Display Case

Price - $189.95 ($US)


Take an unprecedented journey into the world of achievement and
personal development with Nightingale-Conant's co-founder 
Earl Nightingale. Earl spent nearly his whole life researching what is 
known as - "Essence of Success". He is known as one of the 
greatest success philosophers and storytellers that has ever lived.

The program is divided into ten volumes that have myriad 
benefits such as: Volumes 1 through 6 will teach you how to 
develop an excellent attitude, enhance your self-esteem, foster 
your creative genius, set and achieve goals, harnessing your 
mind's power, and elements of personal growth. Volumes 7 
and 8 deal with critical success factors such as writing skills, 
public speaking skills, being a better communicator, and 
fostering excellent relationships. Volumes 9 and 10 will 
teach you how to achieve success and happiness. All of this 
in one package!

Experience the magic that started the retail self-development
revolution and created Nightingale-Conant. 

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