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Get The Edge
A 7-Day Program to Transform Your Life
by Anthony Robbins 

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Get The Edge    

9 Audiocassettes/1 VHS Videocassette/Journal/Online Profile/Discount Certificate
Price - $199.95 

7 Compact Discs/1 VHS Videocassette/Journal/Online Profile/Discount Certificate
Price  - $219.95 


Anthony Robbins is known throughout the world for helping people make positive and fulfilling changes in their lives. With his new program, Get the Edge, you can transform your life in just seven days! Within these seven days, this program will awaken your "sleeping giant," and it will give you the strategies and the schedule you need to keep it awake as you master both the art of fulfillment and the science of achievement. Instead of just giving you ideas, inspiring you, and giving you a couple strategies and saying, "Go do it!" Robbins stops in the middle and says, "Let's walk through this together and do it while I'm here with you." He will also ask you questions like what do you really need to maximize the quality of your life? What are the strategies that will give you the edge physically, emotionally, financially, and in your relationships? In this powerful program, Anthony Robbins will personally coach you and passionately entertain you as you begin to implement the proven strategies and tools for achieving the results you want and deserve - faster than you may ever have imagined!

In Get the Edge, you'll learn to:

* Triple your energy and increase your strength by at least 30%.
* Identify what's missing in your life and learn how to take control by 
  making time  for yourself.
* Find out what's really stopping you and change it once and for all.
* Discover the twelve financial traps that keep most people from
  becoming wealthy,  how you can avoid them, and how you can turn
  them to your advantage.
* Use the "hour of power" to create energy, momentum, and passion
  every day of your life.
* Make negative emotions work in your favor and cultivate the ten
  emotions of power that create an extraordinary quality of life.
* Create a results-focused, purpose-driven, massive action plan
  (RPM plan) to revolutionize your results in only seven days.
* Create a diet and lifestyle that will restore your body to its natural
   weight and recapture your body's innate energy.
* Discover what creates conflict in any relationship and learn how to
   solve it.
* Get the edge and win the game of life by living your unique purpose.
* And much more!

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