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                      PEAK PERFORMANCE POINTERS Ė Volume II
Publisher:  Della Menechella
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1. Peak Performance Pointer 

2. Quotes/Stories to Inspire You to Peak Performance 

3. A ďPeakĒ into Humor 

4. Contact the Performance Coach 

1.      Peak Performance Pointer

Donít Let Motivation Cause You to Fail
By Della Menechella

Yesterday my teenage son Matt came home with a less than
stellar report card.  (Yes, even peak performance experts
sometimes have trouble motivating others.)  Now Matt is by
no means stupid.  The reason he got poor grades is because
he did not do the work that was required for some of his
classes.  Why didnít he do the work?  According to him, he
didnít feel motivated to do it.  After having a loud
discussion with him (translation:  I was ranting and
raving), I realized that Matt is no different than many
people in his erroneous idea about motivation and success.

The impact of motivation on success is highly overrated.
Motivation has very little to do with success.  Successful
people do not wait to feel motivated to do things that need
to be done.  They take action whether or not they feel like
it, and this continuous action towards a goal is what
results in success.

Realize What You Are Losing
If you are not doing what you need to do, you are paying a
price for it.  It could be the constant stress of knowing
you should be doing something but not doing it.  It could be
the subtle feeling of realizing that by your inactivity you
are not achieving what you know you can achieve.  Many
people have a vague idea of what their inactivity is costing
them, but they try to push away these thoughts because they
are very uncomfortable.  I am suggesting that you not only
donít push away these thoughts, but that you experience them

Think about what your lack of action is costing you and
notice how miserable this feels.  Am I telling you this
because I am sadistic and want you to feel bad?  No, I am
urging you to do this so you connect with this discomfort.
Feeling this pain will often spur you to give up your
excuses and move.  Most people will do more to avoid pain
then they will to move forward towards pleasure. 

Recently,  my toe has been causing me some problems. 
This has been going on for several weeks.  I know I should have
gone to the doctor to get it checked out, but I didnít want to take
the time to do it.  However, the pain has been getting worse
and is now preventing me from participating in some
activities that I enjoy, so I finally made an appointment to
see him.  Pain catches your attention.

Are you experiencing the pain of mediocre revenues in your
business because you are not doing enough marketing and
selling?  Have you been having conflict with your team
because you have not effectively dealt with a difficult
employee?  When you experience enough pain, you will be
surprised how motivated you will be to take action.

Focus on the Pay Off
If you donít particularly like the task that you have to do,
donít focus on how miserable you might feel at the moment.
Instead, focus on the pay off that you will receive as a
result of your work.  People who are successful in any area
of their lives usually focus on what they will get out of their activity.

I have been a size four since I was 15.  Most people who
have problems with their weight will often comment that I am
lucky to be so thin.  I tell them that I exercise a minimum
of one hour at least five days a week.  Their next remark is
usually, ďYou must love to exercise.Ē  No, I donít love to
exercise.  I would much rather get up and make a pot of
coffee.  To me there is almost no greater delight in life
than enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee first thing in
the morning.  Thatís my exercise pay off.  As I am in the
process of exercising, I count the minutes left that I have
to do it before I can have my cup of coffee.  Does this
sound simplistic?  Maybe, but it works.  This simple
strategy has motivated me to work out consistently for many

What is your pay off?  Is there something that you really
enjoy?  Tie it into the task that you know you should do,
but that you have been putting off.  Make the pay off be the
carrot that drives you to action.

High achievers recognize the importance of maintaining a
positive attitude and constantly filling their minds with
empowering ideas.  The tools at
can help you sustain a winnerís mindset.

Donít Worry About Perfection
One of my biggest blocks in getting started with doing
something is that Iím afraid I wonít do it right.  This is
usually in connection with something new that I donít have a
lot of experience with.  I want to do a good job and I donít
want to mess it up.  So what happens?  Nothing.  I focus so
much on my fear of making a mistake that I often do nothing at all.

When you are starting a new project, donít worry about doing
it right initially.  Just do something.  There is a common
principle in physics that states, ĎA body at rest tends to
stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.í
Get moving.  Recognize that you will need to make
adjustments along the way.  Making adjustments is part of
the process of learning how to be successful in any new
endeavor.  As you begin to do the new task, you will find
out what else you need to know.  You will discover
additional information that will help you achieve your
outcome.  Donít focus on the success or failure of each
step.  Be concerned with taking the most intelligent action
at any particular moment and make whatever changes that are

Develop a Plan
Sometimes we have a new idea but it seems so overwhelming
that we do nothing.  Create an action plan for a project and
then just do one step at a time.  I wanted to create an
electronic newsletter for more than two years.  On a regular
basis, I felt the guilt and self-recrimination that comes
from knowing that I should do it but not taking action.  I
am technologically challenged so the entire project seemed
more than I could handle.  Finally, I decided to create an
action plan.  I would find other successful electronic
newsletters and see how they were put together.  I would
determine ways to distribute the newsletter to subscribers.
I would find ways to let others know about my newsletter.  I
focused on completing each step and within two weeks, I sent
out my premiere issue of Peak Performance Pointers.  When I
finally broke the task down into simple action steps, I was
able to get it done.

Motivation Comes From Action
An interesting thing about lack of motivation is that when
we begin a project that we have been putting off, we finally
start to feel motivated.  Motivation often comes from the
doing.  When we start something and see it begin to take
shape, it becomes exciting.  Once we get started, we often
find it difficult to stop until the project is completed. 
As we work on accomplishing a new idea, it is easier to
focus on the end result and this creates even more
motivation to get it finished.  So recognize that if you are
waiting to feel motivated to do something, start to do it
and then the motivation will kick in.

Many people erroneously believe that successful people are
super motivated individuals.  Nothing could be further from
the truth.  While it is wonderful to feel motivated to do
something before you begin it, donít let motivation cause
you to fail.  Take action towards your goal and youíll be
filled with more motivation than you can handle.

Della Menechella is a peak performance expert/speaker/trainer
who teaches individuals how to be successful by achieving a
winner's mindset.  She is a contributing author to Thriving in
the Midst of Change
and is the creator of the videotape The
Twelve Commandments of Goal Setting.

2.    Quotes/Stories to Inspire You to Peak Performance

=> ďOur lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.Ē
     Dr. Wayne Dyer

=> ďPractice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes
     perfect.Ē  Vince Lombardi

=> ďWhen we do more than we are paid to do, eventually we
     will be paid more for what we do.Ē  Zig Ziglar

=> ďThe real secret of success is enthusiasm.Ē Walter P.Chrysler 

3.    A ďPeakĒ into Humor

=> Pentiums melt in your PC, not in your hand. 

=> Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else. 

=> Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. 

=> Notice: Our company requires no further physical fitness
     programs. Everyone gets enough exercise:

      == jumping to conclusions,

      == beating around the bush,

      == running down the boss,

      == going around in circles,

      == dragging their feet,

      == dodging responsibility,

      == passing the buck,

      == climbing the ladder,

      == wading through paperwork,

      == pulling strings,

      == throwing their weight around,

      == stretching the truth,

      == bending the rules,

      == and pushing their luck. 

4.    Contact the Performance Coach

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