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Tom Antion
- - is a fun and exciting keynote 
speaker and seminar leader who would be a great opener or closer 
for your corporate or association meeting. He is the author of Wake 'em 
Up Business Presentations. Your organization gets 100 FREE copies 
of this book when you invite Tom to appear at your event.

LJL Seminars - - Presentation Skills 
Seminars & Public Speaking Seminars by international professional 
speaker Lenny Laskowski.  Also available, FREE Monthly Speaking Tips

Dr. Rita Louise - - Author and SoulHealer 
Dr. Rita Louise, represents the leading edge of health and healing. 
Her expertise and inspiration energizes people to take action.

Anne Warfield, CSP -  -  
Impression Management Professionals. When people want to know 
how to say the right thing at the right time, they call Anne Warfield. 
Keynote presentations, training and coaching on effective communication, 
presentation skills and impression management.

Barry Maher - - Barry Maher provides 
real world tactics and reality-based motivation for managers, 
salespeople, entrepreneurs and "anyone with a job or anyone who knows 
anyone with a job.
" "Eternal Truths" says the San Francisco Chronicle.

Harriet Meyerson - - The Confidence 
Center - Employee Morale & Personal Confidence - Site contains 
descriptions of seminars, coaching, consulting, and tele-classes 
as well as articles, morale boosters, confidence builders, resources, 
and links. 

Paul Schnabel - - Paul delivers 
dynamic keynotes and workshops on achievement, overcoming 
adversity and integrating work and spirit. Clients include BellSouth, 
Michelin and the USMC. He's the 2001 Arizona Public Speaking 
Champion for Toastmasters International.

Jim Donovan - - Reclaim Your Life! 
Author, speaker and coach Jim Donovan inspires people to go 
beyond where they are, reclaim their life, and reach their potential.

Terry Braverman - - "When the Going 
Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!" Imagine hiring a multi-talented 
speaker/"edutainer" who offers a smorgasbord of ideas and practical 
strategies with heart and humor, sprinkled with his array of celebrity 
characters, and closes with a rousing musical finale!

Randy Gage's Official Site -  - Sales and 
Marketing Training Keynotes, Seminars and Products. World renowned 
Expert in MLM and Direct Marketing.

Scott "Q" Marcus - - Scott's remarkable 
success in losing 70 pounds while going though one of the most tumultuous
years of his life is inspirational. He helps others change habits to improve 
their lives.

Dottie Burman  - - Professional speaker, 
entertainer, singer, songwriter makes your meetings sing with her witty 
songs with a “motivational musical message” that are perfect as a Musical 
Keynote for Health Care Professionals & Consumers; Educators; 
Entrepreneurs; Women; & People in Transition in Careers or Retirement.

Jeff Rubin - - In more than two decades 
as an entrepreneur, Jeff has discovered many secrets about running a 
successful business. They include the value of consistent and polished 
marketing, the importance of personal relationships, and that being an 
ethical person is...ironically...a great marketing tool. His programs teach 
people how to build and sustain their businesses by employing humanity,
integrity and reliability. 

The Motivational Speaker Online - - motivational speaker resources galore!

Yossi  Ghinsberg
- Drawing on his experience lost in the Amazon Jungle for 20 days, Yossi's keynote presentations and seminars to be effective in transforming attitudes, creating positive outlooks and empowering right action.

Speaker Spotlight - - Your source for professional speakers.

Motivational, Conference and Keynote Speakers -  - The London Speaker Bureau provides motivational, conference and keynote speakers for conferences and events throughout the UK and continental Europe .

John Roarke - - Corporate Event Entertainment & Corporate Comedians offers quality corporate event entertainment, which features some of the best corporate comedy around.

Big Speak - - Home of the world's best keynote speakers, consultants and trainers.

Inspirational Keynote Training Seminar Speaker - - Scott Deming delivers keynote speeches and leads motivational training seminars for corporate businesses.

Character Development Specialist - - Professional speaker and consultant Craig Ball delivers exciting and engaging Keynote presentations seminars and workshops. Be it a team building session to develop a winning team or to instill mental toughness and give your team the winning edge in a competitive market place. Subscribe to our free ezine “The Conqueror” Mental Toughness to your inbox each month.

AEI Speakers Bureau - - Motivational Speakers, Celebrities and Political Figures.






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